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Choosing a lawyer is often difficult. A situation such as divorce arises or it becomes necessary to probate an estate due to the death of a family member. The law is complex, and you may have no experience dealing with any of these issues. How do you choose?

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One way to choose is to look at the experience of the attorney or the law firm. At Wickens & Wickens, LLC, you will find that our lawyers have more than 70 years of combined legal experience. We value our legacy in this area and the reputation our law firm has earned after representing individuals and businesses in this area of Indiana for more than 120 years. We work here in Greensburg, dealing with the types of legal issues that affect ordinary people every day throughout the area and surrounding communities.

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Helping With Real-World Legal Issues In Greensburg And Surrounding Areas

Our attorneys are professional problem-solvers. They will work together as a team to examine your issue and develop a solution, maintaining our long tradition of thoughtful leadership and aggressive advocacy in a broad range of practice areas.

Whether you need help developing an estate plan, negotiating a child custody agreement, administering the probate of an estate, reviewing a commercial lease agreement or defeating a DUI charge, our firm provides an efficient and cost-effective approach to dealing with your legal issues.

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Contact our experienced lawyers for help with your legal issue today. We offer a free initial consultation. To make an appointment to meet at our downtown office, call us at 812-717-4106 and/or use our online form.