Experienced Criminal Defense Representation In Greensburg

Criminal convictions or pleading guilty to an offense can have long-term negative consequences. A poor decision, being associated with the wrong people or other misfortune can lead to a bad choice and the way the criminal justice system works, you can spend decades attempting to move beyond those consequences.

Experienced Help Dealing With Criminal Charges

At Wickens & Wickens, LLC, our attorneys understand that people sometimes make poor decisions. Some decisions are worse than others, and if a bad decision leads to an arrest, the consequences are often jail and a criminal record. We can help defend your rights and protect your future.

If you were stopped in your vehicle and charged with OWI or a drug offense, your future is at stake and you need to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before you accept a plea or speak with the police.

We can review the facts of your arrest and alleged offense and work to develop an effective defense strategy to minimize the negative consequences of the charges. For many people, an OWI charge can be devastating, resulting in the loss of their driving privileges.

You Need To Keep Your Driving Privileges

Losing a driver's license in Indiana can mean the loss of a job, delaying school and a host of other problems. Your license is essential for many activities in and around the Greensburg area, and we can help work to prevent that loss.

Whether through diversionary programs, a restricted license or an ignition interlock device, you may be able to maintain your license and minimize the disruption in your life.

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Our experienced lawyers can help with your OWI, drug or other criminal charges today. We offer a free initial consultation. To make an appointment to meet at our downtown office, call us at 812-717-4106 and/or use our online form.